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Our History

Thai Toy Industry Association Was established continuously from "Toys Club of Thailand", which is a collection of toy entrepreneurs in the year 2529 with the support of the Department of Commerce. (Department of International Trade Promotion - DITP at present) Ministry of Commerce After that, in the year 1990, the club was registered as an association. By name "Thai Toy Industry Association" and continue activities until today. Total 24 years, Thai Toy Industry Association Assembled with members who are toy operators. Including entrepreneurs in the support industry (Supporting Industries), with the initial objective of forming an association that Focus on product development in both form and production Mainly for export But the association's activities Later expanded to cover the country as well

In addition, the association has continuously conducted social activities. This is because the association considers that "children are the future of the nation". In order to grow into a good adult Is a quality human resource To be an important force in the development of Thailand in the future And toys as part of learning And developing the potential of children from an early age, the association therefore has collected safe toys And has benefits for the development of children To give to various communities Regularly, such as the Bangkok Toy Library Project, donating toys to remote areas.

1. Mr Withun Wirasawalaksan, President of the association
2. Mr. Chumpon Thiangtham, the 2nd president of the association
3. Mr. Wichai Kitlertpairote, the 3rd president of the association
4. Mr. Dusadee Laoticharoen, the 4th President of the Association
5. Mr. Pijit Laosunthorn, the 5th president of the association
6. Ms. Duangchai Khuhsinvinit, the 6th Somkhom Prime Minister
7. Mr. Amornchai Naksuphamit, the 7th Somkhom Prime Minister

8. Mrs. Uraiwan Bunnag, the 8th Prime Minister

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Our Objective

1. To promote and support the business and export of all kinds of playing industries which are produced by wood, fabric, plastic, metal or other materials. Including other businesses Related to the toy industry Supporting and assisting members Solving various obstacles and crashes Including negotiating agreements with third parties For mutual benefits in the business of the association
2. Monitoring and tracking the movement of the market of dud toys Both within the country and outside the country To facilitate the business of the toy industry trade
3. Harmony Exchange knowledge Mutual opinions And providing academic advice Trade news As well as researching all kinds of toy industry
4. Promote the quality of the toys that the members are the producers. Or sold to a good standard As well as researching and improving production and trade for better results
5. Cooperate with the government to promote the production and distribution of toys widely and in good standards. In line with government policies And that is sufficient with the needs of the market both at home and abroad.
6. Liaise with members or associations involved both inside and outside the country.
7. Make an agreement or set rules for members to follow. Or refrain from performing To enable the members' business to proceed successfully
8. Reconcile disputes between members Or between members and outsiders in the business
9. No political objectives

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